5 Luxurious Hotels You Shouldn’t Miss While Visiting Myanmar

5 Luxurious Hotels You Shouldn’t Miss While Visiting Myanmar

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5 Luxurious Hotels You Shouldn't Miss While Visiting Myanmar

providing fascinating hotels and resorts, thanks where to stay in myanmar the series of developments in the tourism and hospitality sector along with the demographic reforms made by the country. Once ruled by the military, the country is now becoming a sought-after destination for travel enthusiasts who love to see its golden pagodas, mesmerizing countryside, and beautiful beach side places.

where to stay in myanmarSo, from enthralling Lakeside villas to shoreline resorts to urban hot spots, today, in this article, we are going to discuss about some top-notch best hotels myanmar and resorts in Myanmar that are ready to steal your heart with their hospitable services, elegant architecture, and a unique cultural experience.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss about them in detail.

1. Traders Yangon

Located at the center of the capital city, cultural and shopping district, Traders Yangon is a top-notch five-star hotel known for its old-school Asian style and captivating structure. The hotel is fashioned with dark wooden paneling and eye-catching chandeliers, and elegant property featuring the beautiful views of the river Yangon along with the famous ancient temples of the capital city.

2. Aureum Palace, Bagan

Aureum Palace is one of the most magnificent resorts situated in Bagan. The resort has around 87 rooms and its villa like appearance truly exhibits the beauty of Bagan’s pagoda-studded landscape located across the lotus-dappled lake. Most of the rooms and villa have been given the appearance temples, followed by a captivating view of sunrise and sunset. The hotel also provides a wide range of spa facilities where to stay in myanmar their guests along with a nightclub and a huge swimming pool, giving the view of Bagan’s pagoda-dotted landscapes.

3. The Governor’s Residence

Popular for its scenic beauty, colonial-style architecture, and friendly hospitality, The Governor’s Residence is a place to visit. The place was once the residence of the regional governor and is located within the historic Dagon Township, surrounded by luxuriant tropical gardens. The hotel owns its private tour desk which provides some exciting activities to their visitors including pagoda excursions, traditional cooking classes, outings, along with a complimentary bicycle expedition for half-day.

4. Ngapali Beach Resort

Amata Ngapali Beach is a popular resort in Burma, which is located along the shoreline of Ngapali. This is one of the most beautiful resorts in Myanmar and people love it because of its location that takes its visitors to a level of peace and tranquility. The resort is located near the pleasant Mya Pyin village at Ngapali Beach in Myanmar.

5. Mandalay Hill Resort

The former capital city of Myanmar, Mandalay is famous among tourists for the lot of historical stuff this place has to offer them. The resort is yet another gift of this place. Mandalay hill resort is an exciting resort beautified with gold-tinged Burmese decor, time like pavilion, lush gardens, and lucrative accommodation options. For those who have enough to spend, The Mandalar spa is definitely a place to visit. It features a steam room and twin massage beds.

Going through over some top hotels in Burma, it could be said that the country is great in providing luxurious accommodations to those who wish to explore Myanmar travel combined with culture richness and traditions with a touch of modernity.